Eggs Sorting

EggSort ensures maximum smoothness during egg collection because there are virtually no transfer points. The longitudi­nal egg belt runs over the table which means that no additional drive units are needed. Main advantages ideally suited for the manual collection  of eggs standard drive speed: 2.6 m/min, optionally VarioSpeed available for different egg belt widths (2 […]

Eggs Collecting

Egg collection systems play an important role in successful layer and breeder management, both with floor and cage production. reduced time and labour costs optimum egg quality, i.e. cleaner eggs, few cracked eggs; accurate count of the total number of eggs produced per tier, row or house. gentle transport of the eggs high functional reliability […]


The enriched colony system for layers. With the EUROVENT EU colony system, Big Dutchman provides you with everything you need for animal-friendly and efficient egg production. Two of the most important advantages are maximum hygiene and the best possible product safety.  This means the system meets the following requirements: at least 750 cm2 colony surface […]