Egg collection systems play an important role in successful layer and breeder management, both with floor and cage production.

  • reduced time and labour costs
  • optimum egg quality, i.e. cleaner eggs, few cracked eggs;
  • accurate count of the total number of eggs produced per tier, row or house.
  • gentle transport of the eggs
  • high functional reliability
  • easy handling.

Big Dutchman egg collection systems meet even the highest  requirements:

The EggCellent elevator designed by Big Dutchman is characterised by its large collection capacity and requires only minimum system adjustments. Of course it also provides everything necessary for a safe egg transport. From the longitudinal belt, the eggs are conveyed onto a rod conveyor, from where they are then transferred onto the elevator chain.

  • large collection capacity of up to 9,000 eggs per hour and per elevator*
  • simultaneous collection from up to eight tiers
  • no dosing units necessary
  • maintenance requirements are at a minimum
  • rod conveyors have a cleaning function so that eggs without shell and dirt do not reach the elevator chain;
  • easy access to all cage rows, no obstruction because of the cross collection
  • suitable for all cage types
  • simple assembly and adjustment.

* depending on the system type, the egg belt width and the speed of the longitudinal belt